LIGO - Virgo Collaboration

GW Open Data Workshop #3

May 26 - 27, 2020

Gravitational-Wave Open Data Workshop #3

Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo are now observing the gravitational-wave sky with unprecedented sensitivity. To date, there have been over 60 potential gravitational-wave transients observed, and planned detector upgrades are likly to accelerate the pace of discovery in the coming years. This new window on the universe is providing insights on a range of topics, including compact body populations, cosmology, and fundamental physics.

LIGO and Virgo strain data from past observation runs and data snippets around discoveries are made publicly available at, along with associated software libraries. This workshop is intended for scientists and students that wish to learn about using gravitational-wave data and software in order to conduct research of their own, and is the third in a series of workshops that began in 2018. The workshop will provide a mixture of lecture style presentations and hands-on programming exercises, using publicly available gravitational-wave data and specialized software tools.


Thank you for your interest in the GW Open Data workshop. The workshop is now full. We hope to see you at future workshops!