LIGO - Virgo Collaboration

GW Open Data Workshop #3

May 26 - 27, 2020

Gravitational-Wave Open Data Workshop #3

Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo are now observing the gravitational-wave sky with unprecedented sensitivity. To date, there have been over 50 potential gravitational-wave transients observed, and planned detector upgrades are likely to accelerate the pace of discovery in the coming years. This new window on the universe is providing insights on a range of topics, including compact body populations, cosmology, and fundamental physics.

LIGO and Virgo strain data from past observation runs and data snippets around discoveries are made publicly available at, along with associated software libraries. The LIGO and Virgo collaborations are hosting an Open Data Workshop to facilitate working with these data products. This workshop is the third edition of a series that began in 2018. It is intended for scientists and students who wish to learn about using gravitational-wave data and software in order to conduct research of their own. The workshop will provide a mixture of lecture style presentations and hands-on programming exercises, using publicly available gravitational-wave data and specialized software tools.


As of 2020-04-09

Name Affiliation Position
GOGOI, DHRUBA JYOTI Department of Physics, Dibrugarh University Doctoral Researcher
Yeung, Raymond CUHK Student
Fiziev, Plamen Sofia University TCPA Foundation President
Chen, Richard University of Chicago graduate student
Srivastava, Aman Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India Masters Student
Majumder, Shayan Student
Rather, Ishfaq Ahmad Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh,202002, India Research Scholar
Singh, Vedansh Birla institute of technology and science, Pilani Student
Jha, Devanshu MVJ College of Engineering Student
Nair, Sidharth Suresh Birla institute of technology and science First year UG student
Hulsurkar, Rishabh BITS Pilani Student
Singh, Amitesh National Institute of Technology, Surat, India Student
Vardanyan, Valeri Kavli IPMU, Tokyo Postdoc
Savant, Vaibhav IUCAA
Swami, Abhinav Birla Institute of Technology and Science, undergraduate student. Member of TRAC, LIGO-India Vigyan Samagam volunteer.
Adhikari , Naresh University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Graduate Student
Sompura, Prashant No second year
Pawar, Ganesh University of Mumbai
Sawant, Prasad University of Mumbai
Jeon, Chaeyeon Ewha Womans University student
Kulkarni, Chaitanya Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani Student
Huang, Hsiang-Yu National Taiwan Normal University and Academia Sinica,Taiwan Graduate student
Nair, Akhil University of Mumbai
Tang, Petra University of Auckland PhD student
Zhao, Zhi-Chao Beijing normal university, China
BHARGAVA, PARTH RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY MASTER STUDENT. Currently writing my master thesis in Cosmology.
Wadhwa, Rashi Miranda House, University of Delhi
Ravikant, Sharma NONE STUDENT
Myers, Eric SUNY New Paltz Professional Faculty
Zhao, Junjie Peking University phD candidate
MS, Abhishek NAAC Student
Nguyen, Lan University of Notre Dame
Prabhakar, Timir Staples Inc Sr IT Manager
Prabhakar, Garima Mass Academy Student
Friedberg, Carl President
Vadodaria, Neel St. Xaviers College - Ahmedabad Student
Shaw, Scott New Jersey Institute of Tech Grad Student
Chen, Zu-Cheng Cardiff University
Bonilla Rivera, Alexander Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora Ph.D. Student
Dominguez, Mariano OAC Researcher
Pal, Tathagata Washington State University Student
Moreschi, Osvaldo FaMAF-UNC, IFEG-CONICET Professor
Koutalios , Ioannis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Barraclough, Leonard Demontfort University Undergraduate student
Pohl, Leonardo Freie Universität Berlin Student
Veiga Mörth, Raniel Gravitational Wave enthusiastic
Wesley, John University Of Toronto Associate student
Stanton, Laurie Rose City Astronomers
Sharma, Gulshan Indian institute of technology, mandi MSc physics
Nair, Remya Montana state university Post-doctoral fellow
Chowdhury, Tanay National University of Ireland, Galway
Ansbro, Eamonn Space Exploration Ltd Director
Baker, Tessa Queen Mary University of London Royal Society University Research Fellow
Karakaş, Beyhan Egravity Phd student
de Andrés, Jorge
Arora, Surbhi IIT Bombay PhD Student
Meza, Felipe Costa Rica Institute of Technology Researcher Astro AI
Schaffer, Amanda Cisco
Lowden, Philip University of North Carolina Data scientist
Rosa, João Instituto Superior Técnico Research Scientist
Chowdhury, Tahsin Cisco Systems Inc Technical Solution Specialist
Suarez, Victor Industry
Sarma, Sudhindra cisco Data Scientist
Bhusal, Ruru Tribhuvan University Undergraduate student
Terlecky, Greg Cisco Systems Data Scientist
Joshi, Roshan St. Xavier's college, Kathmandu Student
Thakkar, Dipa Cisco Tech Lead
Shaikh, Raees Engineer Technical Leader
Kumar Saha, Abhijit Physical Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow
Shenoy, Vinaya None
Sofer rimalt, Yahel Bar Ilan University Student
Green, Amelia Cisco Data Engineer
Gómez González , Salvador Alexis Cisco NCE
Perone, Girard NMC INC President
S, Ajay HCL Technologies Limited at Cisco
Macer, Brandon Macer Franks Enterprises
Loh, Jonathan Cisco
Yadavalli, Sree Sindhu Sruthi Ms
Souza, Fran cisco systems Consulting engineer
S, Soundarya Cisco
Ganguly, Santanu Cisco Systems Systems Architect
Jiang, Nan University of Virginia Graduate
Dong, Ruifeng SUNY at Buffalo
Gomez, Roberto Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Sr. Computational Science Consultant
Frittelli, Simonetta Duquesne University, Department of Physics Associate Professor
Cain, Henry Louisiana State University Research Assistant
Shoshany, Barak Perimeter Institute Postdoc
Islam, Tousif Islam UMass Dartmouth Graduate Student
Wachter, Jeremy Skidmore College VAP
Hoskinson, Chance Carthage College Student
Cayuso, Ramiro Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics PhD Student
Ben Yehuda, Maor Bar-Ilan University
Harry, Gregory American University Professor
Kanner, Jonah Caltech Staff